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Hi there, I’m Justin Owens!

Dedicated leader, mentor, father and friend who has helped many people develop their own 6-7 figure income with my mentorship and by sharing my journey.

This is why I’ve written a playbook for anyone who wants to start their journey to achieving leadership success today! Throughout my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve evolved into a mentor to help others elevate in the world of entrepreneurship, and business.
I'm teaching people the top leadership plays to achieving personal and entrepreneurial success.
The Run The Play Playbook: Leadership 101 is a detailed manual that teaches some of the most vital skill sets. This Playbook will put all of its readers in a position to master the road to success.
Why Should You Grab A Copy Of The Playbook?
What inspired me to create The Run The Playbook Leadership 101, is my growing passion to be successful and to touch the lives of those around me. 

I was also inspired by wanting to understand the way leadership really works. 
Finding my own path throughout entrepreneurship allowed me to take what I learned to empower, and lead others to do better financially.

I am now able to help equip others with the necessary tools to develop leaders who know how to win in any industry that they choose. This book is a vessel that will teach entrepreneurs, and leaders everything they need to become their own testimony and duplicate their own success.
Here Is Everything That You Will Learn From The Success Manual:
  • Chapter 1. Leadership Begins With Following: This Chapter goes over why if you want to be a leader you must be a follower. The key is following the right persons or individuals to get optimal results. You must be a great mentee to be a great leader to someone.
  • Chapter 2. Leaders Are ALWAYS Teachable and Coachable: This chapter covers The Teachability Index, How to calculate where you are currently, and how to increase it in order to speed up your results.
  • Chapter 3. Leaders Set The Pace. This chapter covers how to set and maintain the pace of growth in your organization by focusing on your personal activity.
  • Chapter 4. Leaders Don’t Get Too Attached to Dates: In leadership, we are taught to set goals. We know a goal without a date is just a dream, but what happens when our goal date is missed by days, weeks, months, or even years? 
  • Chapter 5. Leaders Are Tough: Effective leaders can not walk around defeated. Your organization will mimic and follow everything that you do, even your attitude.
  • Chapter 6. Leaders Know Everyone Can Make it, But not everyone Will: As leaders, we desire for everyone to win and achieve their goals, and everyone has that opportunity, but leaders know that not everyone will choose to make the necessary sacrifices to grow or achieve them.
  • Chapter 7. Leaders Have High Energy: There’s a saying that High energy equals High Income. This will teach you why you need to have the energy and endurance over a sustained period to achieve success in any industry or field.
  • Chapter 8. Leaders Always Develop their Mindset: This chapter discusses why it is important to continually develop and grow their mindset. 
  • Chapter 9. Leadership = Lead The Ship: As a leader the most important person you will ever lead is yourself. Leadership is effectively leading yourself before you desire to lead others.
  • Chapter 10. Leaders Always Have a Growth Mindset: This chapter will focus on the attitude of always growing your mindset of being a millionaire before they earn a million dollars.
  • Chapter 11. Leaders Always Expand Their Abilities: This chapter will discuss why you should develop your talents and abilities.
  • Chapter 12. Leaders Don’t Procrastinate: This chapter talks about why leaders do not delay with their activities, and what happens when Leaders don’t act immediately.
  • Chapter 13. Leaders Create Momentum: All leaders understand that momentum is created by them and their actions. 
  • Chapter 14. Leaders That Don’t Develop New Leaders: This chapter discusses some of the many reasons like bad duplication, the necessary training, laziness, ego, and other toxic traits.
  • Chapter 15. Leaders Know How to Present: There are necessary skills that every leader must have and being able to present your opportunity is a major one. Whether that is with new customers and clients or to your organization, this is a skill that can not be overlooked.
  • Chapter 16. Leaders Know How to Promote Events:  Every leader knows that events create belief, momentum and revenue. If you don’t have this skill you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table.
  • Chapter 17. Leaders Take Action: As a leader you must be hungry for execution as much as you are hungry for knowledge. This chapter dives into the actions leaders must take.
  • Chapter 18. Leaders Learn, Do, And Then Teach: Every Leader Learns to Duplicate what they learn. They must learn, DO, and then teach. This process must be done in this order.
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Get Your Copy Of The Run The Play Playbook: Leadership 101, To Help Skyrocket Your Entrepreneurial Success Today!